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  ← Sunset view from Toyosu (near the Tokyo2020 Olympic venues)

Thank you for visiting my blog!

I am Ted, a worker in one of the biggest universities in Tokyo, Japan.

My goal of this blog is to introduce Japan to anyone who is interested in Japan, and

those who are visiting Japan in the future.

Hope information here help many people!

<My Profile>

Origin            : Fukuoka, Japan

Nationality     : Japanese

Current Job    : Exchange coordinator at a private university in Tokyo, Japan

Private English lessons

Current City   : Tokyo since 2010

                           Had lived in USA since 2006-09 including internship in Guam for 6 mon.

Language      : Japanese and English

Hobby           : Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Running, Traveling abroad

Favorite Food: Meat, Fruits

After graduating from the junior high school, I enrolled in the university in USA. I have lived in the USA for about 4 years, and am now working in Tokyo, Japan.

I really like to communicate with people all around the world.

My wife can speak a bit of French, so let me know if you need assistance in French other than English, too.