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I try to make this page for sharing anything related to education, especially that in University in Japan.

What’s my goal in working in the private university in Tokyo?

My simple goal in University in Japan, is to make Japan more globalized.

It is very simple and straightforward. When we look at the world university rankings , universities in Japan are usually not on top of the ranking because we are so outdated in globalization compared to that in other countries. There are many factors for not listed top, but reasons for this is definitely globalization.

For your reference, you can check the rankings here.

World University Rankings in 2017

Many of you can easily understand Japanese are not good in English or other languages.

My university, is thankfully recognized as one of the top globalizing private universities in Japan, but is still so behind from other top universities from all other countries.

So, my goal is to change the old style, and globalize the university much more than ever, and open to more foreign students, academic professionals and workers.

I wanted to change Japanese university including my university more globalized, and to introduce the highest education here to those who did not recognize before.

That is why I changed my job last year, and now working as an exchange coordinator at the international office at the private university.