Free Wifi in Japan

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Free Wifi in Japan

When you are traveling, internet connection is very important as you barely know anything about the place you are in.

If you do not have a career network connection with SIM card in the country you travel, it is very important for you to know in advance where you can have a free wifi access.

In Japan, Wifi access is getting more popular, but Japan is still behind the other countries for travelers to have a free internet access.

Here, I will provide some Wifi information, and hope this will help you for getting a free internet access while you are in Japan.  Those are the ones without any annoying registration.

All you need to do is to find the connection, agree to the terms of services and connect.


Now Starbucks is everywhere as you can find one at every train station in the very middle of Tokyo. It used to provide the free wifi with the registration, but now it provides the free wifi access without the registration. Very easy!


I never used the wifi at Lawson, but it seems you can connect wifi without registration.

Many of the coffee shops and convenience stores nowadays provide the wifi services, but require you to register and make your account with email address or other information.

If you have enough time for preparation before the travel, you may make your account for each convenience store or coffee shop, and then you can easily connect at each shop/store while in Japan.

There are some examples you can use free wifi with your account ready.

I put the links with explanation in English.

I am very surprised some do not provide the English pages, that is so dumb!


Convenience Stores

Seven Eleven, Family Mart, etc.


Coffe Shops

Dotour Coffee, Tully’s Coffee, etc.


Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi                              * You need to download the application to the device beforehand.

Hope this information helps your trip to Japan!