JR Travel Tickets

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JR Travel Tickets

Are you familiar with JR travel tickets to all other locations in Japan?

I guess YOU ARE NOT.

If you start your travel in Japan from Tokyo, I would recommend that you go to JR EAST Travel Service Center at marunouchi exit at Tokyo station first.

JR is the main rail company that operates regular local trains and bullet trains all around Japan. JR also offers special rail pass tickets to international travelers from all around the world with good prices.

As there are many options for transportation, even just using JR, and you are not sure if it it worth buying rail passes or special tickets in terms of just buying regular tickets, JR EAST Travel Service Center is here for you.

There are staffs with multilingual skills for international travelers and they will help for you to plan the best trip in Japan.

I have many friends who are not sure whether they should a buy special pass or not and ask me this question, but I am actually not sure of the right answer for that.

One of my female friends works at the counter, and will be helping you nicely!

Visit there, ask them, and explore Japan with best prices!