Must Try Foods in Nagoya

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Must Try Foods in Nagoya

Nagoya city is only 1.5 hours away from Tokyo by a bullet train. but many tourists from usually pass this city on the way to Osaka by riding on a bullet train. I was actually as same as one of those tourists, and I never stopped by this city before in my life.

I visited Nagoya for sightseeing last month for the first time, and I also posted an article about the museum of trains and Superconducting maglev two weeks ago.

Today I will introduce the delicious foods in Nagoya.

Nagoya again is 1.5 hours away from Tokyo , and 1 hour away from Osaka by a bullet train.

If you want to know more about Nagoya, check here for more information.

Nagoya is often known for foods with miso flavor which is as same as the taste you may have eaten miso soup. And also Nagoya is known for “Hitsumabushi” the most I guess which is a similar kind of eel bowl.

The miso flavor on foods in Nagoya is stronger than miso soup, and I can guarantee it is salty sweet miso flavor which many people probably like.

I will introduce the must try foods in Nagoya below.

Those are really awesome! Please check them out!

1. Hitsumabushi *Similar to Eel bowl

One of the most popular foods in Nagoya, “Hitsumabushi”, is a bit expensive food than other foods, and  is similar to an eel bow. it usually costs from 2,000 – 4,000 yen as it is not considered as casual or reasonable food as a regular lunch or dinner. The fun thing about Hitsumabushi is that you can enjoy different style of eating at one meal.

Hitsumabushi comes with a rice and cut eel on the top in a bowl, and it is really like an eel bowl. But here is the different point from regular eel bowl.

Before you start to eat, take some rice and eel from the bowl to the small bowl like shown on the bottom left in the picture. Then you can firstly eat it as is as the first round. For the second round, you take some rice and eel from the bowl to small bowl again, but this time, you eat with wasabi and cut seaweed and green onion on the top. For the third round, you take the same amount to the small bow again, and pour a soup that also comes on the plate into the small bowl and eat it as soup style.

For the forth round(usually the final round), you eat with the style you like the most.

Eating Hitsumabushi is a bit more complicated than eating a regular eel bowl, but this must be a great experience while in Japan, and you cannot experience this in your home county.

2. Miso kushicatsu (Pork Katsu skewer with salty sweet miso sauce)

The deep fried katsu flabored with salty sweet miso sauce will be definitely your one of the best foods in your list in Japan. You cannot stop eating this with rice as I tell you here that eating Misokatsu and rice is the best match.

3. Miso nikomi udon (Hot udon noodle stew with salty sweet miso flavor)

This is the hot udon noodle stew with salty sweet miso flavor. The noodle in this udon is a bit more chewy than regular udon. The salty sweet miso flavor is the one you can not forget. It is just tasty, and eating this in winter just gives you happiness.

Those pictures above are the ones during my visit to Nagoya, and I really enjoyed foods and will visit there again!

Please contact me if you have any questions.




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