Mt. Fuji and a frozen lake

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Mt. Fuji and a frozen lake

Mt. Fuji is just beautiful. You can drive to near Mt. Fuji within 2 hours from middle of Tokyo, and you can also take bullet trains to get there.

When my friends from the United States visited Japan 2 years ago, I and my Japanese friend took them to the lake nearby Mt. Fuji in winter.

At that time, we saw a really surprising and at the same time a beautiful moment of Mt. Fuji and a frozen lake.

The lake there was frozen as it was covered with a few centimeters of ice, and we could see the beautiful view of Mt.Fuji from the lakeside there.

Then, suddenly sound of something cracking started. It was actually the frozen ice covered on the lake. As the frozen ice of the lake melts, it was pushed to the lake shore all the way from the other side of the lake.

Click the pic for the short movie of Mt.Fuji and a frozen lake.

This was such a amazing moment to witness. If you have time to explore other than city areas, you should also go to see Mt.Fuji.

And do not forget to take a bath in hot spring(Onsen) with a beautiful view of Mt.Fuji and a lake in front before going back.