Tips for Disneyland and DisneySea in Tokyo

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Tokyo Disney Resorts are NOT in Tokyo.

Did you know this fact? Here is a first tip about Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea.

Actually Disneyland and DisneySea is not in Tokyo prefecture, but in Chiba prefecture.

This is an useless information, but many people even Japanese misunderstand that these resorts are located at Tokyo.

Anyway, I, a resident in Tokyo, sometimes go and have fun in Disneyland or DisneySea once in a while with my wife.

If you are here in Japan from other countries, and never had a chance to enjoy Disney resorts, I strongly recommend that you go to Tokyo Disney Resorts.

It is a lot of fun with fine quality and is going to be time without any stressful things in daily life.

However, if you plan to go there, please be reminded that there will be tons of people out there like the city of Shibuya.

Here are tips for enjoying Tokyo Disney Resorts.

Go there on weekdays.

This is the very basic and key point for all of you planning to visit Tokyo Disney Resorts. There will be tons of people on weekends in both Disneyland and Disney Sea.

Even you go there on weekends, do not expect it is not packed. It is packed even on weekdays, but, definitely, it will be much more easy to get more attraction rides on weekdays.

Plan your stay from early morning till night.

Never try to arrive at late morning or noon. You have to come and enter the park in morning as early as possible.

There are already so many people out there from early morning!!

If the park open at 8, try to arrive before 8.

Get the first FastPass before your first ride.

You can get the FastPass ticket with your park ticket. For very popular attractions, they have FastPass system, so get the FastPass as soon possible after your arrival.

For the most popular attractions like Toystory Mania in Disney Sea, FastPass ticketing usually finishes around 9-10 a.m on weekdays.

Get the ticket in advance.

You will most likely to get in the line to get the park ticket! If you do not want wast 30 min to 1 hour for just getting a park ticket, get it in advance.

Tips in the park.

Expect to get in the line at least 30min even on weekdays.

If you go there on weekends, expect to wait 90 to 150 mins for just one ride to the popular attraction like Big Thunder Mountain in Disney land.

Tips for transportation to Disney Resorts.

Here are basic transportation information. There are mainly to ways to get to Disney Resorts.

1. Busses from each city

2. Trains (JR Keiyo line + Disney resort monorail)

If you go to Disney Resorts by trains, you have to go to Maihama station by JR Keiyo line, and then get on the Disney resort monorail to get to DisneyLand, Disney Sea, or Disney Resort hotels.

I prefer a bus from main city like Shinjuku to Disney Resorts, as I do not need to transfer the lines like taking JR and Disney monorails, but directly go to Disenyland/DisneySea/Disney hotel.

If you want to know more tips or information, please contact me!