Manners in Japan

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Manners in Japan

Are Japanese polite?
Are good manners important in Japan?

For those questions, my answer is definitely “YES”.

Of course there are many situations when my answer does not fit, but, based on my experience as a Japanese, Japan is a country with good manners and politeness of people.

I will show some good manners that you should be aware of while in Japan.  If you are in Japan, please keep those manners in mind, and experience the Japanese culture by practicing those manners regardless of your nationality or your background.

I will introduce some tips of good manners in different categories below.             Pleach check these out!

Shoes manners

・You must take off your shoes I houses in Japan.

Also, make sure you put your shoes nicely at the entrance.

*However, you do not need to take off shoes at hotels in Japan. I guess that is because hotels have many foreign guests, so usually there is no entrance space for keeping shoes off.

Chopsticks manners

Actually, there are so many manners for using chopsticks.

Even for Japanese, those manners and rules are very complicated, and some manners are considered outdated and not common anymore.

However, here are some very basic good manners and rules for using chopsticks you should know at least.

・Do not pull dishes and plates with your chopsticks.

Use your hands for pulling or placing dishes and places at the table.

・Do not stick your chopsticks straight up in a bowl of rice.

Manners in restaurants or cafes

・If you are leaving after eating, please keep clean your table as much as possible like

piling dishes of same sizes, or cleaning a table with napkins/ tissues.

・Do not make noises as much as possible while eating.

・Do not open your mouth while eating.

Those manners above are very  usual in Japan.

・While eating, especially for Japanese cuisines, pick up the bowls.

・Do not talk loud when in a restaurant or cafe.

I guess Japanese are not that open to many things, and tend to speak in low voice. This might be because of typical Japanese characters of shyness.

Manners in supermarkets

・Do not eat or drink any buying products before checking out.

I see many situations like this, but please never do this in Japan.

Manners in throwing away trashes

・Separate the trashes into four categories at least:bottled drink(called “pet bottle”in Japan), cans, burnable garbage, unburnable garbage.

Especially, if you are traveling Japan and staying at hotels, never put all kinds of trashes in a trash can.

If you have different types of garbages, it is preferred that you leave the burnable garbage in a trash can, and leave bottled drink(called “pet bottle”in Japan), cans, unburnable garbage in separate plastic bags(you can easily get those at supermarkets or convenience stores when you buy)

Hope this information helps!

If you have any questions, especially, regarding manners, please contact me!