Crowded Trains in Japan

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Crowded Trains in Japan

The rush hour in Japan might be something that surprises you a lot while you are in Japan. One of the biggest metropolitan cities in the world, Tokyo, is known for uncomfortable crowded trains.

In the morning on weekdays, especially, the time between 7:30 to 9:00 is the worst time for getting on trains in metropolitan areas.

If you are travelers to Japan, I strongly recommend you avoid those crowded trains, and avoid using transportations in rush hour.

I work at the very middle of Tokyo, and everyday on weekdays, I have to face this uncomfortable rush hour without any choice of avoiding. If you can arrange your time of your travel plans, you better use the transportations before or after the rush hour.

Personally, for your memory, experiencing rush hour in Japan maybe good for you, and souvenir of telling your story about it to your friends.

Here are some tips on manners in crowded trains.

Unless you get on the train on the first station on the train lineyou never get the seat.

In Tokyo, almost all trains from surrounding cities to middle of Tokyo are crowded.

When you stand on the trains, especially near the doors, you have to get off on each station for letting others off and on the trains.

Do not speak loud even you are quite excited while experiencing the rush hour.          Especially in rush hour, passengers on the trains tend to be quiet, and they want          their own time.

While standing on the train with bigger bags like a backpack, keep it on your foot or in your front. If you still shoulder a backpack, it might hurt others. Keep your bigger belongings on your foot/ in your front is the good manner in Japan.

Do not move a lot if your body is squeezed and touched with others as they feel annoyed.

Do not read the books and newspapers if you are not seated. Keep the room for as many passengers as possible.