Hair Salon in Japan

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Hair Salon in Japan

What do you want to do while you are in Japan?





Sushi or ramen?

There are so many fun things you can experience here in Japan. But I also want you experience one another thing.

That is “Hair salon/ Barbarshop”.

I could easily imagine Japanese really care their hair styles when compared to foreigners in other countries.

There are many hair salons and barbershops in every town in Japan, and people from younger age to older age often go these salons/barbershops once in a while.

Regarding the stylist there, they are very professional, kind, and service minded people.

Many of those stylists are, of course, very skilled, and they know a lot about trendy and fashionable hair styles.

Whenever I go to my favorite hair salon for a haircut, I not only have my hair cut, but also enjoy the conversation with the stylist.  Based on my experience, stylists in Japan could care more in details on your hairstyle and hair care much more than those who in other countries.

I would recommend you go hair salon/ barbershop at least one time for your experience. The concern I have is whether stylists can understand other language well, but I am hoping that both foreigners and stylists learn other language and experience the cultural differences together in near future.

I also give you tips about differences between hair salons and barbershop.

<Hair Salons(美容室=Biyousitsu)>

・Customers looking for a stylish haircut/ styling

・Mainly for women, and for men(high school students- adults)

・More expensive than barbarshops

・Cost range of ¥4000 – ¥6000 for a haircut, and additional costs for coloring or others


・Customers looking for normal haircut/styling

・Basically for men (elementary students, older people)

・Cheaper than barbarshops

・Cost range of ¥1000 – ¥4000 for a haircut, and additional costs for coloring or others.

Hope this will help!